To Our NeUventure Family,

We let you know last week of the upcoming special announcement; we're excited to share it with you TODAY! It has been many months in the making. Let's talk a bit about where we've been and where we're going (starting today)!

Our Roots:

My Dad--David Mitchell--had a dream of helping families through the idea of the family business. He wanted to build something that would please the Lord, and something that his own children (all 5 of us) would want to be involved in with him. In 1999, Dad founded Designer Technologies, Inc., a product development company. Many wonderful and innovative products were developed and marketed, including a financial educational product based on the knowledge and experience he had gained from several generations within his family. This product was beta tested, and loved by clients. However, the marketing plan of the business did not work as well as it looked on paper, and Dad and my Mom, Charlotte, went through times of challenge with the company. Even so, they always felt the Lord's hand of protection around what He had helped them build and God brought them through the trouble stronger and smarter, and more thankful. As the older siblings began to become more involved, my parents saw part of their dream becoming a reality. Then, in 2006, the family decided to focus on what the people showed the most demand for--we downsized, moved the small company into my garage which we renovated for that purpose, and focused solely on our financial education line, which we named NeUventure on Wall Street. This was the beginning of the second part of my Dad's dream coming true--reaching Christian families with something that would truly benefit them. God's hand was evident upon this newly inspired business plan. People benefited from the financial education, and many claimed to have "revival" in their lives, coming closer to the Lord and studying their Bibles again for the first time in a long time. Some even found personal salvation at stock market events! This was an unplanned, but welcome, bi-product of the rapid growth of NeUventure. God's plan always works better than our own!

Where We Are Now:

NeUventure on Wall Street was refined over the years to become what it is today--an education company helping over 15,000 people across the country, in 20 major markets, with close to 50 talented team members as the engine behind it all. From a "garage business" with just a handful of family members who had a dream, to a rapidly growing company affecting people all over the country for God's glory--what a ministry this has become! We have seen lives changed, personal goals achieved, hope restored in families, legacies being built before our very eyes. Praise God for His provision!

Where Do We Go From Here?

Mid 2015, we began to realize that the world was ready for something NEW. We wanted to be able to not only provide our customers with a stellar stock market education, personal coaching, and ongoing support, but we wanted to combine it with what most of our students were asking for all along--investment advice. But when you think of "investment advisory firms" don't you think of stuffy men or women sitting across from you, asking you lots of personal questions about your finances, and then "advising" you on what direction you should take? Or perhaps you think of skyscrapers filled with hundreds of cubicles but without one person that knows you on a first name basis. This is not us. We are different. We are one big family--we keep it personal, fun, and all about YOU! But we needed to take appropriate steps to be able to provide our students with the investment advice that they needed, coupled with the powerful education we already offered. God began opening doors and His direction was made very obvious to us. We began taking steps...

The Annoucement (Part 1)

On April 15, 2016, we officially became registered with the SEC to be an Investment Advisory Firm!

We can now provide investment advisory services to our customers instead of having to say "I'm sorry, we aren't able to do that for you...." This means that our education, our products/services, and everything that we do will be improved, refined, and made to fit your exact needs. Now our education can begin to focus on the "80% money" along with the "20% money!" We can begin to incorporate short-term, long-term, and protection of assets education into our system--we are now registered, and are able to help our clients work towards their biggest goals!

The Annoucement (Part 2)

Along with the decision to become a registered Investment Advisory firm, we decided that it was time to re-enforce who we are and what we're about, keeping in mind the solid roots and foundation that was established so many years ago. What a journey this had been! This would be a tall order.

We felt we needed to simplify our message, our name, our look, and the overall experience the customer has with our company--becoming registered with the SEC created the perfect opportunity to take this step.

So, what are we about? We're about reviving the entrepreneurial spirit in America. We're about teaching others basic business principles found in the Bible. We're about empowering individuals to take control of their finances. We're about helping YOU achieve your personal goals. We're about helping YOU take small steps as you learn new skill-sets. We're about helping YOU find your way through the confusing world of finance. Along with our history as a great educational company, we are now ready and able to provide the investment advice so many of you have asked for--and today we are introducing our new name to you and to the world--we are...

Our Mission Statement: to break down the confusing world of finance so that anyone can understand it! We honor God through family, money, and business.

Our Slogan: BIG GOALS, small steps.

Our new name and look is simple, clean, professional, and clearly communicates what it is that we do. We strive to provide a better way that is safer and more personal! While we're extremely proud of the strong roots and solid foundation that came with NeUventure on Wall Street, we're excited to bring those positive aspects into TRADEway and aim even higher! We have the same great leadership, same great team, same great speakers, all more motivated than ever before to help you achieve your own big goals by taking small steps. Only now all of our exceptional coaches and speakers, and many other team members, will be registered SEC Investment Advisory Reps for TRADEway!

So, it is with great excitement that I say, WELCOME TO TRADEWAY!

What to Expect:

As always, if you have questions about any of this, please feel free to reach out to our fantastic team! Just email or call 877-777-0703!

We're happy to continue to serve you, and are thrilled the Lord has led us along the way to be able to broaden this great service for your benefit.

Happy Trading!

Katie Huber
Chief Operating Officer