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Introducing NeUventure on Wall Street

DTI-NeUventure, Inc., also known as NeUventure on Wall Street, is a Texas corporation, based 50 miles south of Dallas, in Corsicana, Texas. It was founded in 1999, by David Mitchell, a fourth generation oil man and entrepreneur. The company’s mission statement is: “To Provide the Knowledge to help Typical Families Become Wealthy Families.”

We believe strongly in the concept of the FAMILY BUSINESS. Each generation teaches the next generation trade secrets that provide a competitive edge to the family. Wealth is built now, and in such a way that the next generation can exponentially multiply the family income using the knowledge that has been passed down to them.

We teach a method of trading on Wall Street and treating it as a business. This business can be operated from home, or from anywhere in the world! We believe it is the greatest home-based, family owned business in the world—in fact we call it a “beach-based business.” Families can work towards creating their own Family Legacy and pass this Legacy along to their children and grandchildren.

Our NeUventure on Wall Street cash flow investing system provides both the knowledge and the vehicle to help create your family legacy.

The system includes four seminars ranging from beginner (with no previous experience trading stocks) to advanced trading techniques, over twelve audio/visual interactive home study courses, and special trading events of different kinds, such as our “Practice in Paradise” and "Perfect Play" events held several times a year in wonderful locations. It also includes tools such as our website, with its “Insider” program, and our “Financial Flight School” and “Top Gun” which allows us to support the new investor from day one. We also host weekly webinars so that students from around the country can join in on choosing stocks, getting their questions answered, and learning from our NeUventure coaches.

NeUventure on Wall Street Cash Flow Investing Seminars teach a system of investing which allows a person to take a small percentage of their overall savings, and invest it in the U.S. stock and options markets in a different way. Rather than applying the old “buy and hold” philosophy, we teach our clients to trade using shorter term strategies so that they can get in and out of the market more often, creating more frequent returns.   

The potential profits could be used right now, for anything—spending cash.

The old “buy and hold” system causes people to invest, earn very low ROIs, and wait until they are too old to enjoy the money to reap the benefits (if any). Usually the money goes to the grandchildren, which is fine.

However, many people find that by taking a small percentage of this money, and trading more frequently using nvows' strategies, it enhances their lives now.  Earnings can also be reinvested in longer-term strategies when appropriate, which we also discuss at our seminars.

We provide a method which is designed to have your MONEY work for money.

The corporate goal is to expand into at least two major market areas in all fifty states, and then to penetrate international markets as well. We want to share this system with the world... “Providing the Knowledge to help Typical Families Become Wealthy Families.”

Disclaimer and Method of Use (click to expand)

NeUventure on Wall Street is a financial education company. NVOWS seeks to provide a quality education on how to trade in the U.S. stock and options market by providing a repeatable, reliable system passed down from each generation of the Mitchell family. NVOWS and its trainers, coaches, and staff are NOT financial advisors. You are responsible for your own trading decisions and must do the research and "homework" necessary for conducting your own trades. We will not manage your money, we will not choose your stocks, we will not do the work for you—our goal is to teach YOU how to do these things on your own so that you can effectively manage your family’s finances rather than having someone else do it for you. Please understand that all trading and investing involves risk, and that past performance is not indicative of future performance. It takes much time and practice to become a proficient trader. We will be here to assist and provide ongoing education, but we cannot do the work for you.