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David Mitchell, M.B.A.

Founder, President and C.E.O.; Event Speaker

Mr. Mitchell earned a B.A. degree in Business in 1976 and an M.B.A. degree in 1978 from Baylor University. He currently is President of his fifty-year-old oil and gas drilling and production company with interests in the Permian Basin of West Texas. Even though David has been with this company since 1978, he also has experience in manufacturing. He founded and managed, with his father, the Van Zoeren Pipe Organ Company, of Portland, Oregon, which manufactured and installed influential pipe organs including the Crystal Cathedral, and 2nd Baptist Church, Houston, Texas. After financing, and building the company from start-up to maturity, he and his father sold the Van Zoeren Pipe Organ Company to the Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) television network in 1984.

David is also founder and C.E.O. of NeUventure on Wall Street. He has studied investing since childhood, when he sat at his grandfather's knee and watched him leverage his oil money into millions through trading in the stock market. David has spoken at university business schools, to both faculty and students, on the topic of the entrepreneurial spirit and the importance of the family business. He has presented cash flow investing seminars across the country through his NeUventure on Wall Street Seminar system.

David has been in the ministry for over 35 years. His experience includes youth ministry, serving as Associate Pastor under three different pastors, and he has been the Sr. Pastor of Park Meadows Church in Corsicana, Texas now for over 25 years. He has written over 4,000 sermons, booklets, gospel tracts and Bible studies, and once the late pastor of the great First Baptist Church of Dallas, Texas, Dr. W. A. Criswell, said of him, "Mitchell, you are the best writer I have ever read." David loves studying and teaching the Word of God, and he loves the Lord who wrote it. He has never taken a salary from a church due to God's blessings in his business endeavors. David especially enjoys finding principles in the Bible that relate to business, and sharing them in entrepreneurial seminars.

This combination of business education and experience, together with the teaching skills which come from years in the ministry, make David's seminars a truly unique and life changing experience for the whole family. At this point in David's life, his life's goal is to provide knowledge that can turn typical families into wealthy families, through the idea of the family business.

Hobbies include playing and teaching golf and tennis, guitar, and fishing.

Geoffrey Nance

NeUventure Coach; Top Gun Elite Director; Event Speaker

Mr. Nance grew up in Paris, Texas and played several sports growing up. His senior year he was privileged to be named one of ten finalists for the Christian Athlete of the year in the state of Texas. While he was still in school, he felt God calling him into the ministry. Upon graduating from high school, he pursued his calling and attended Baylor University. He graduated from Baylor University in 1998 with a B.A. in Religion and from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in 2001 with a Master of Divinity. While at Baylor he was a Top 100 Freshman, member of Alpha Lambda Delta and Theta Alpha Kappa honor societies.

Mr. Nance has served in the ministry for 16 years as a Youth minister and Associate pastor in various churches in Texas and one church in Florida. He is currently serving as the Associate Pastor at Park Meadows Church in Corsicana, Texas. He enjoys preaching, teaching, worship, discipleship and fellowship as a minister.

Because of Mr. Nance’s heart for teaching, it makes him a natural for teaching others how to invest in the stock market.  He plays an important role as a NeUventure Coach, assisting others with their trading.  Mr. Nance is an active trader and enjoys teaching the skill set to others; he has teamed up with many other speakers through the years.  He teaches Seminar I's, II's, III's, and IV's across the country.  As a NeUventure speaker, he hopes to make learning at the seminars entertaining and informative; he receives excellent reviews on a continual basis from all those who attend.  Geoffrey is also the Director of the Top Gun Elite program which provides additional support for full-time traders.

Hobbies include spending time with his family, watching TV, and both playing and watching sports.

Mark Wilburn

Event Speaker

Mark Wilburn grew up in a typical small town in Northwest Georgia called Bremen.  He often jokes in his seminars that he remembers when Bremen installed their second red light in the city.  Once he was in high school, Mark became very involved in both academics and athletics, being the president of numerous clubs and captain of both the football and tennis team.

After graduating high school, Mark attended the University of West Georgia, where he worked as a trim carpenter in order to put himself through school.  Mark graduated cum laude with a Bachelor’s Degree in both Marketing and Real Estate. Soon after graduating, he took a job with Wells Fargo Financial where he quickly moved to one of the top mortgage sales positions in his region. Mark was head hunted by a larger mortgage company in Atlanta where he became one of the nation's top mortgage brokers on Lending  In 2006, the company he was working for went bankrupt pushing Mark back into the job market. It was at this point that Mark took a new job and moved from Georgia to Florida.  After a year more of corporate life, Mark decided to go at it alone in business doing his own mortgages and joining an MLM.  In those entrepreneurial endeavors, Mark realized great success.

In 2009, Mark attended a NeUventure seminar in Tyler, TX, where he became a Top Gun student and started trading on his own.  Again, he quickly found success trading using the NVOWS system, being able to earn as much money in the market as he had in his other businesses! This success is what opened the door for Mark to become one of NVOWS' corporate speakers. In February 2013, Mark was married to the love of his life (who also played a MAJOR role in his coming to NVOWS…a story you’ll have to hear at a seminar to believe for yourself) and they currently live in Florida. In addition to teaching, Mark is currently a minister, business entrepreneur, and, of course, a full time stock trader.

Informative. Fun. Exciting. These 3 words can describe your experience when you attend Mark's seminars. Having years of experience speaking at youth camps, church congregations, and face to face sales, he teaches in a way that everyone can understand.

Marsha Jones

Event Speaker

Mrs. Jones grew up in Mexia, TX, where she was known as one of the most beautiful, outgoing, and intelligent students in her class. She excelled in her academics and proceeded to work her way through college. Marsha received her Diploma Degree in Nursing (RN) from Texas Eastern School of Nursing in Tyler, TX. She worked as an RN in a supervisory capacity at the University of Texas Health Center in Tyler, and for several private Home Health Care Companies, with duties including handling staffing and personnel management of all nursing units, pharmacological management, and much more. Marsha has over 20 years of experience in management and supervisory positions, and experience with family dynamics in critical and grievance situations, extensive experience with patient and staff education and problem solving. She has seven different licenses and certifications.

In 2000, Marsha started her own business-Action Healthcare. She and her business partner ran Action Healthcare for five years and sold it to a large company in 2005. Marsha has excelled in everything she has ever put her mind to, and after all of her education and experience and owning her own million dollar business, she has decided that this is the coolest and most lucrative thing to do, so she is pursuing it with a passion.  She and her husband, Kenny Jones, team up and travel the country teaching others how to safely invest in the stock market with the NVOWS cash flow investing system.  This is an exciting team you do not want to miss!

Marsha has four grown boys, and is married to her high-school sweetheart, Kenny. She enjoys skiing, cycling, sky-diving, canoeing, needle-work, and most of all spending time with her family.

Ken Jones

Event Speaker

Ken Jones grew up in Mexia, a small town in central Texas, where most of his family still live today. He grew up on a farm and watched his parents and grandparents work very hard from sun up to sun down. Hardwork was what he knew. Trading long hours for hard earned dollars, Ken went to Texas A&M after having several jobs in mexia.  While still in school he was offered a job with a large oil company. The thought of a decent job with good benefits was too good to pass up, and he was able to stay with Chevron for 33 years. Then in 2010 Ken, along with his wife Marsha, saw trading in the stock market as an opportunity to create a lucrative income that could bring an early retirement!  What a dramatic shift his life took at that point!  They've never looked back since. 

After much success trading stocks and being able to replace their incomes, Ken and Marsha were asked to team up and travel across the U.S. sharing their passion for what this business can do in people's lives, teaching others to safely trade in the stock market. They also stress to not let having a good life keep you from having a great life!

Ken and Marsha have been married for 35 years and have 4 boys and 3 grandchildren. Spending time with family and friends is on the top of his list of favorite things to do. Ken loves Texas A&M sports, loves to play golf and also mountain biking, skiing, and spending time in the mountains.

Cristie McLoud

Event Speaker

Cristie grew up on the East Coast near Boston, Massachusetts, where she loved High School, was captain of the cheerleading squad, and Homecoming Queen.  She still has that youthful energy and beauty on the inside and outside today.  Cristie went on to college at, Mount Wachusett College, in Massachusetts where she studied Criminal Justice and Business with an emphasis in Marketing.

While in college, Cristie entered the financial industry.  From 1978-1984 she served as Assistant to the President at

Winchendon Savings Bank, Winchendon, Massachusetts, and also at Guaranty Bank and Trust, Waltham, Massachusetts from 1984-1991.  Her duties included handling stock and mutual fund activities.

When her daughter, Faunah, was born, Cristie found a way to spend more time at home, and still earn an income.

Cristie rose to the top of the network marketing industry, earning five and six figures per month.  She won many awards for sales, organization building, and she often spoke as a motivational speaker before crowds in excess of 30,000.

In 2007, Cristie served as a Sales Trainer for Sandler Training Institute, where she trained management at several multi-million dollar companies to get their bottom line to a high operating level, as well as the psychology of influence, first impressions, and business etiquette.  These companies included Pool Co., Edward Jones, Choice Financial, Keller Williams Realty, and Sotheby’s Realty.

Cristie also worked with the land acquisition division of Wexco Resources, a Texas based Oil and Gas Company, to acquire thousands of acres of leases from 2009 to 2012.

In 2012, David Mitchell asked Cristie to come on board with NeUventure on Wall Street as a Corporate Speaker.  David and Cristie had worked together in the past for many years, and with her speaking, sales, and finance background it was a natural fit.  They are thrilled to be working together again.

Cristie enjoys spending time with her husband, Boyce McLoud, who “has made it possible to follow my dreams”; her father, Bud Bateman; and her daughter, Faunah, who recently graduated with honors from Texas State University, “who has been my JOY since she was born”; and with her step son, Logan McLoud, currently attending Baylor University.  Cristie likes to point out that David Mitchell performed the wedding ceremony when she and Boyce were married.

Hobbies:  Bible reading, and WORK.  “I say work because my passion is helping people be the VERY BEST they can be and to look for the positive in all situations.  There is nowhere I can do this better than with NeUventure!”

Boyce McLoud

Event Speaker

Boyce McLoud was raised in the small Central Texas town of Salado through his freshman year in high school, when he and his parents moved to the west Texas town of Sweetwater.  In west Texas, football is king.  Boyce was always involved in athletics, with football being his passion.  He graduated from Sweetwater High School in 1982.

Boyce put himself through college, working at two jobs throughout his 4 years.  In 1986 he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Business from Tarleton State University (a part of the Texas A&M University system).

Boyce began a 25 year career in the electronics industry with Texas Instruments, in McKinney Texas.  He first served as a contract negotiator in their defense segment.  After two years of this, he moved into manufacturing management.  He was with TI for 10 years.  Boyce served for an additional 15 years in two other large electronics companies, Dell and Flextronics.

Boyce met the love of his life, Cristie, later in life.  He and Cristie were married in April of 2005, with  David Mitchell officiating.  They have two wonderful children, Faunah and Logan.

Over the past decade, David Mitchell had relied upon Boyce upon several occasions to provide business advice on different matters.  David has found Boyce to have an unusual ability to understand many different areas of business, and to give straight shooting, truthful advice.  David feels two great strengths of Boyce are integrity and an incredibly strong work ethic.   David always admired Boyce’s business abilities, but this admiration multiplied in December of 2012 when Boyce “fired his boss” and became a full time stock trader and Event Speaker for NeUventure on Wall Street.

In addition to spending quality time with his family, Boyce loves to play golf and hunt, and firmly believes he is the most die-hard Texas A&M fan there is!

Lisa Camacho

Event Speaker

Lisa Camacho was born and raised in a small town in Southwest Kansas.  She moved to Texas in 1992 and is now a Texan tried and true.  Lisa graduated from the University of Atlanta with a BBA in Business Administration.  She spent her professional career in sales.  For sixteen years she held an Executive Sales position with a renowned medical conglomerate where she was responsible for managing a $4m territory.  She resigned from this position in November of 2012.  This is attributed to the education and knowledge she gained from NeUventure on Wall Street which allowed her to achieve this goal five years ahead of schedule. 

After attending her first NeUventure on Wall Street seminar, Lisa became a Top Gun student.  She immediately began to apply the system taught to her in the Seminar 1, as well as the advanced seminars and quickly became a very skilled trader.  She is now a full-time trader and event speaker for NeUventure on Wall Street.  She and her husband travel around the US teaching others how to learn the skillsets needed to produce wealth using the stock market.

“We knew God had some amazing things for us to accomplish for His Kingdom, but we needed the resources to make it happen.  God brought us this gift of NeUventure on Wall Street and that’s when things started to happen in a big way for us.  Now, it is our desire and responsibility to share this gift with others so they, too, can discover a way to help them fulfill their purpose and positively impact their world.”

Lisa loves spending time with her husband, David, and her two little dachshund puppies.  She also loves to golf, snowmobile and travel.

David Camacho

Event Speaker

David Camacho was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas.  He attended the University of Texas in Austin where he earned his B.B.A. in Marketing in 1975.  David spent most of his professional career (1975-2000) in sales, ranging from Territory Management to Executive Management positions. He quickly rose to be a top performer in his field in each of his positions.  In 2001, David’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to purchase a specialty medical supply company where he served as President until December, 2013.  He now uses the skillsets he gained from NeUventure on Wall Street to trade in the stock market and does this on a full-time basis.

In May 2011, God opened up another amazing door for David; that opportunity was NeUventure on Wall Street.  From the moment he saw this remarkable stock market opportunity, he knew this was where God had planted him.  David has been able to combine his unique gifts that God has given him to help other people realize there is another way to achieve their goals versus the everyday “rat race” we have been taught to live.  His goal, along with his wife Lisa’s, is to be a shining light to all students that see this NVOWS opportunity and to let them know that “All things are possible to those that Believe.”

Hobbies include playing golf in the warm months, snowmobiling in the cold months and having fun with his wife, Lisa, traveling around the country teaching NeUventure on Wall Street seminars. David’s family is also very important to him; especially his two sons, Michael and Daniel.

David Huber

Executive Vice President; Event Speaker

Mr. Huber grew up in San Marcos, Texas, where at the age of seven, he began to study Shaolin Jiu-Jitsu under the instruction of Grand-Master Winston Thompson. Dave achieved the level of black belt when he was seventeen, making him the second youngest in the system to hold this title. Along with this, Dave became a certified assistant instructor under Self-Defense International.

In high-school, Dave played basketball with the San Marcos Panthers. His team started small and grew to be the State Champions by his junior year. One year later, Dave received the MVP award in numerous tournaments; in the same year, Dave’s team went on to become State Champions for a second time, and placed third in the National Tournament. Once out of high-school, Dave attended LeTourneau University where he played for their NCAA basketball team.

Dave received his Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from LeTourneau in May, 2005. Dave was the President of the LeTourneau University Marketing Club. During his term, the Club won first place in the American Marketing Association’s National Booth-Exhibit Competition. Dave played a key role in organizing a globally broadcasted competition sponsored by Patterson Nissan in Longview, Texas. Upon graduation, Dave received the highly esteemed Leadership Award, as well as the top Sales Management Award.

Dave began working with NVOWS in 2005. He currently serves as the company's Executive Vice President, overseeing its graphic design, brand imaging, and the overall customer experience.  He also serves as an event speaker traveling all over the country sharing the NVOWS cash flow investing system.  He often teams up with his father, David Huber Sr.; the two enjoy getting to travel together and teach others this valuable knowledge. 

Hobbies include playing and coaching basketball, Jiu-Jitsu, golf, and spending time with his wife Katie and three beautiful children.

David Huber, Sr.

Event Speaker

Mr. Huber grew up in Taiwan where he graduated from Taipei American School in 1973 and became fluent in Mandarin Chinese. He attended Oklahoma State University from 1973-1976. He entered the restaurant industry and quickly moved up to management. Mr. Huber carried his skills into retail and launched a successful thirty year career with RadioShack and retired in 2009, due primarily to his stock trading skills using NVOWS investing methods.

As sales associate for Radio Shack, he earned numerous awards for top in sales, managing large accounts with several school districts and Fortune500 companies. He received extended training in selling and workplace management through Dale Carnegie and Tom Hopkins.

As Radio Shack manager, he received top sales and Manager of the Month awards year after year. He built strong teams in over 15 stores and increased sales and profit to garner Million Dollar Store recognition.

As District Manager, he built strong managerial teams and vendor relations to take his district from nine million to eighteen million in sales. He earned district, regional and divisional awards, including Leaders Club, on the national level.

Once Mr. Huber learned to take control of his own investments through the NVOWS cash flow investing system, he quickly became a successful trader and was able to retire and spend time with his family.  He now loves to share his trading skills with people all over the country as a Corporate Speaker; you will often see him sharing the stage with his son, Dave Huber II.  The two are a dynamic father/son team.

Mr. Huber and his family attend Calvary Baptist Church in San Marcos, Texas where he is the director of the bus ministry. He enjoys camping, fishing, hunting and movies.

Micah May

NeUventure Coach; Event Speaker; Director of Webinar Programs

Micah grew up in Colorado Springs where he played baseball for most of his life and then attended college at Concordia University in Nebraska on a baseball scholarship.  He earned the Daktronics Student Athlete award each year he was eligible, which required him to maintain a high GPA while excelling in varsity level athletics. While he was attending Concordia, his love for business grew and he stepped into the Resident Coordinator (RC) position, directly responsible for the well-being of 4 dormitories on campus which included building a team of 10+ Resident Assistants and empowering them to manage 250+ students.  After graduating with honors from Concordia, Micah attended NeUventure’s Seminar 1 in Colorado Springs where he caught NeUventure's eye. 

Beginning at NeUventure in the Spring of 2013 as a Customer Service Specialist, Micah began helping students figure out the details of creating their new legacy. In January of 2014, his excellence in service, trading experience, and ability to teach others brought him into the elite ranks of NeUventure Speakers. He teams up with many other speakers to teach Seminar I's across the country and enjoys bringing others the hope and information that has enriched his life.  Micah was also moved from Customer Service to NeUventure Coach, and asked to be the Director of Webinar Programs to help ensure a top quality education and webinar experience for NeUventure students.

In June of 2013, Micah made the smartest move of his life--he married his wife, Madi!  When you attend one of Micah's seminars, chances are you will also meet Madi because the happy couple enjoys spending time with each other and traveling together so much. When Micah is not actively trading, you can find him on the tennis court, near the ping pong table, and many nights on the softball fields in Corsicana.  He also loves to read because he loves to learn new things that inspire, challenge, and cultivate a positive attitude--which makes NeUventure a perfect fit!

Jenny Taylor

Administrative Assistant to CEO; NeUventure Coach; Event Speaker

Jenny Taylor grew up in Ottertail, Minnesota, where her family owns and operates a strawberry farm, which her grandfather started in the 1940's. She graduated high school in 2006 with the honor of being the Valedictorian of her class. During high school she was a member of Business Professionals of America where she took 4th place at the state level in Advanced Accounting and competed at the National level in Orlando, FL. In the fall of 2006 she attended Crown College in St. Bonifacius, MN, and this is where she met and married her husband, Adam Taylor.

Jenny became an NVOWS Top Gun student after attending her first seminar and quickly became one of NeUventure's most successful traders.  Her trading expertise earned her a position at NeUventure's corporate headquarters as a NeUventure Coach, as well as teaching others to trade as a corporate speaker.  Jenny teams up with David Mitchell to teach both Seminar III's and IV's.

Jenny enjoys reading, the outdoors, studying the stock market, and spending time with her husband, family, and church family at Park Meadows Church.

Eric Wright

NeUventure Coach; Event Speaker; Director of Quality Control

Mr. Wright grew up as an Army brat, living in many places across the country including Connecticut, Louisiana, Texas, California, and Illinois.  He also lived in Giessen, Germany for three years. While attending Calvary Bible College in Kansas City, Missouri, his desire to become a college coach began.  After graduating in 2004 with a B.S. in Camp Administration, he started his own home repair and remodel business and became an assistant coach of both the men’s soccer and basketball programs. In the next four years, he would help lead the Warriors’ soccer program to a 50-24-5 overall record.

In 2008, Mr. Wright took his first full time head-coaching job as the head men’s soccer coach at Hillsdale College in Moore, Oklahoma.  The very next year he became the head coach of the men’s basketball program. In his second year as the men’s basketball coach, he led the Saints to an ACCA (Association of Christian College Athletics) National Championship.  In that same year, he had the privilege of coaching two ACCA All-Americans and was named ACCA Coach of the year.

Mr. Wright also has a heart for military kids and has served with Club Beyond as volunteer staff during their summer service projects to Slovakia, Czech Republic and Romania.  His primary job was assisting kids in building projects for local elementary schools. Club Beyond is an outreach ministry that serves military kids from many of the Military bases all over Europe.

Eric became involved with NeUventure on Wall Street several years ago when he attended a Seminar One; he quickly became a Top Gun student.  He was a fast learner and began making successful trades almost immediately.  Eric became one of our star students in a short amount of time.  Upon moving to Corsicana, Eric was offered a NeUventure position as a full-time NeUventure Coach.  He now enjoys helping others learn this system so that they can reach the same levels of success that he has been able to see in his own trading.  We are thrilled to have him on our corporate team.  In 2013, NVOWS also asked Eric to join their team of speakers for teaching advanced seminars.  He and Jake Moore team up to travel across the country teaching Seminar II's.  Jake and Eric also head up our Quality Assurance Program to ensure a top quality education for NeUventure students.

Hobbies include spending time with family, coaching, fishing, and watching live soccer matches.

Jacob Moore

NeUventure Coach; Event Speaker

Mr. Moore grew up in Wichita, Kansas, the oldest of six children.  His brothers and sister played many different sports while growing up, but the Moore family spent most of their time on the soccer field.  Mr. Moore played for many successful soccer programs throughout high school and college, winning many team trophies and individual awards along the way. 

Jacob finished his collegiate career at Calvary Bible College in Kansas City, Missouri, where he also earned a B.S. in Youth Ministry.  After graduating, he was asked to continue with Calvary’s soccer program as an Assistant Coach, a position he would keep for the next three seasons.  It was during this time that Mr. Moore realized that coaching soccer combined two things he loved, soccer and youth ministry.  Calvary had the most successful seasons in its history during his time there as a player and a coach.  When Mr. Moore decided he wanted to pursue coaching full time, he moved to Oklahoma to be the Head Soccer Coach at Hillsdale College.  Hillsdale had several good seasons with Coach Moore at the helm, winning the ACCA National Tournament in 2010. 

Mr. Moore was introduced to NeUventure by a coaching colleague and now fellow corporate associate, Eric Wright.  He enjoyed trading very much and quickly became a Top Gun student.  Jacob and Eric worked very well together trading, and were able to be successful almost immediately.  He is very excited that God has given him this opportunity to use his background in ministry and coaching to minister to the NeUventure family.  In 2013, NVOWS also asked Jake to join their team of speakers for teaching advanced seminars.  He and Eric team up to travel across the country teaching Seminar II's.  Jake and Eric also head up our Quality Assurance Program to ensure a top quality education for NeUventure students.

Jacob is married to his wife Laura, and they have three wonderful children, James, Katie, and Tommy.  He enjoys spending time with his family and teaching his little boy to play the beautiful game of soccer.

John Quinn

Event Speaker

John is an Electrical Engineer turned Stock Trader and Entrepreneur who’s pursuing his passions to “help protect the homeland” from threats (foreign and domestic).

At 18 years old, John enlisted in the US Navy-serving in the Silent-Service, and served aboard fast-attack and Trident submarines for a total of 14 years (including his reserve duty). In 1992 he started his civilian career as a power plant instrument technician and operator.  John completed his degree with the assistance of his employer education program in 2002, getting a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering.  He continued his career in the power industry for 21 years having earned a good education and landed a secure job.  

After seeing 40% of his retirement disappear in the stock market crash of 2000 (effectively moving his planned retirement date back from age 55 to 65) and an additional 32% loss in 2007-8 (again moving his retirement date back from age 65 to never?!), he started to look into how he could educate himself so that he could take control of his financial future.  

On January 14, 2011, (after significant research of the competition) and even running background checks on David Mitchell to see if he was the “real deal” (shh- he didn’t admit that to David for years…), John attended a NVOWS Seminar 1 with his wife, became involved, “hit the books” and committed to taking control of his financial future to be able to again plan to retire and fulfill the wisdom given in Proverbs 13:22.

Flash forward 2 ½ years and John became his own Boss and engaged as a full time trader (and found it so much easier than when it was “part time”)! The vision had become reality and the 70-hour a week average at the “JOB” was no longer the priority or a hindrance to what God had called John to. John now actively trades through his Corporation, and runs several companies including one that is developing the invention he has been working on for over 30 years (with the business skills he learned from David Mitchell and the legacy building program he led the development of). 

John feels his greatest achievements are his happy marriage of 23 years to Teresa, and their two wonderful daughters, Anna and Lizi.

At such a time as this, John now enjoys traveling the country as an NVOWS Corporate Speaker with his best friend (Teresa) sharing the experiences that changed his life by “unlocking his brain” from the reign of societal norms that so often had limited his achievements for fear of taking a risk. To God be the glory, for He has made John’s life a simpler walk where he finds himself just going through doors as God flings them open before him.  “I am continually in Awe as I see God’s plans that direct my steps.  God is so amazingly faithful, I just had to take that step of faith and truly let Him lead.”


Disclaimer and Method of Use (click to expand)

NeUventure on Wall Street is a financial education company. NVOWS seeks to provide a quality education on how to trade in the U.S. stock and options market by providing a repeatable, reliable system passed down from each generation of the Mitchell family. NVOWS and its trainers, coaches, and staff are NOT financial advisors. You are responsible for your own trading decisions and must do the research and "homework" necessary for conducting your own trades. We will not manage your money, we will not choose your stocks, we will not do the work for you—our goal is to teach YOU how to do these things on your own so that you can effectively manage your family’s finances rather than having someone else do it for you. Please understand that all trading and investing involves risk, and that past performance is not indicative of future performance. It takes much time and practice to become a proficient trader. We will be here to assist and provide ongoing education, but we cannot do the work for you.