• David,

    I wanted to take the time to thank you for all you are doing with NVOWS and tell you a little bit about my success. I first attended your seminar I in Dallas late June of 2012. My dad joined Top Gun that Saturday and I made a goal to become a Top Gun student myself as soon as I could. At the time, I was a senior in college studying wildlife management with a shrinking interest in my career outlook. I lacked 16 hours in finishing the degree, but mid-summer, I changed my degree to Finance to better understand the stock market. By November, I more than doubled my trading account I began with just $500 and I was sold; I knew it was time to become a Top Gun student. To achieve my goal I had to sell my truck to raise the money necessary to purchase Top Gun. I began to drive my family’s farm truck and within a week had purchased Top Gun and signed up for Seminar II and III back-to-back in Dallas.

    The first few months of 2013 were great months of trading; I soon became a huge fan of credit spreads and did one almost every week until the second week of May. You had been talking of the possibility of the SP-500 making a kiss-goodbye pattern and I thought PCLN was a perfect candidate for a bear call spread, so I got 10 contracts on the credit spread on Wednesday for a net credit of .90; certainly a seemingly great play, maybe too great! Little did I know that I had jumped the gun on greed and not waited for the true reversal of the market. On Thursday, the trade went against me and after speaking with the coaches, I wound up reversing when I was about $7.00 out of the money. This broke my very successful trading streak and I lost about $2800 which took a giant toll on my account as this was the first time I traded more than 5 contracts. Shortly after, I had 2 contracts of GS puts go way against me and I lost another $1200.

    It was then I made a new goal for myself of becoming the best trader that I could be. I reviewed all the literature and decided to take some great advice from Chris Johanson to be very careful trading bearish during a bull market; In fact, it was during this week of August 26th that I have first got into a bearish play and it is working great. I have completely changed the way I trade and follow a quick checklist before I enter any new trade thanks to John. I have made about half of my losses back since May but I know that better trading is just around the corner! You were right when you said it would be ok to lose money, I know where it is at and all I have to do is trade it back!

    Thanks for all you do David, you have truly changed my outlook on life and now more than ever I see how to not be worried about money because God is faithful to His people and He gives us what we need up to what we can handle! I give thanks to our Father for providing the resources to gather just what we need and providing a man dedicated to teaching others how to change their lives and giving glory to God in doing so. I will finish college in December and I see a way to not be enslaved to a boss the rest of my life which has given me more motivation than ever to get finished.

    In Christ,

    - Caleb L.
  • It’s been almost 17 months since Lonelle took the plunge and “fired her boss.” We have been blessed with more than enough success to meet our basic living expenses since then and also to expand our quality of life. Quite frankly, January 2012 really was a disaster for us and February wasn’t profitable either, but after that we made a profit the other 10 months of the year --- with May being the best month of all. Lonelle’s IRA brokerage account (we have two accounts) made more profit than her former job would have paid her in 2012.

    Most of all we are grateful to God and to you, secondly, for making this possible for us.

    Another personal note. I'm proudest of all that I was able to be successful enough to enable Lonelle to "fire here boss" because that was our goal when we became Top Guns. What finally motivated her was a month of more than $9,000 profit, and I think that was in two plays.

    The other huge plus for us has been the association with some very special people --- you, your family, your staff, and a small group of Top Guns we stay in almost constant touch with not only as traders but as personal friends also. We have found another Christian and loving "family" within this group.

    Yes, 2012 was great for the Taylors, especially when you combine the profits from our two accounts. We also have a small brokerage account designated as our "charity" account. We plan use the profits from that to support ministries of various kinds.

    God bless!


    - Rick and Lonelle T

    “I just wanted to send you a note and tell you thank you for your program and the time you take with all of the coaching and materials.  This program has been a real game changer for me and my wife in a very short amount of time.  I got laid off from my $150,000 a year job in the fall of this last year (Sept 2011) and was unemployed for several months.  In January, my wife heard one of your ads running on one of the Christian channels in Dallas.  She told me about your program and we looked at the website.  I have to be honest and say that I was very skeptical.  It just sounded too good to be true and you know what they say about things like that.  She convinced me to go to the Seminar I that was in Dallas this past February.  When it was over, I was really excited about the possibilities, but we just couldn't part with the cost of the Top Gun program while being unemployed.  I did buy the 10 Stock Trade Webinar series and over the next couple of months I opened a small eOption account and did some stock plays and managed to make a little money even though it was a squirrel market for most of the time.  After doing this and listening to you and Chris on the webinars I just knew this could work and that I could do it.  We prayed about it and decided to put our faith in the Lord as it just seemed that He was putting this opportunity in our lives right when we needed it most.  We decided to take a $10,000 early distribution from my 401k plan to pay for the Top Gun program and we signed up in May at a Seminar I retake in Dallas.  We went to Seminars II (Houston) and III (Dallas) during June and for the month of July I made $2103 the first week, $3935 the second week, $4778 the third week, and right now have an open Bear Call Spread that I can close out for a $5415 profit.  That is over $16,000 in one month and not a good trading month at that!  I keep looking at the numbers and am just stunned.  That is almost twice what I make at my new job, it is more than I made at my old job and it is more than I took from my 401k (tax and penalty included) to buy the Top Gun program.  I see these shows on TV about all the people out of work and I just want to go and show them your program.  I am no longer at the mercy of someone else for my financial well-being.  I don't have that back of the mind fear that I could I get laid off again and it will not be long until I lay off my new boss and am doing this full time.  So, let me say it again, THANK YOU!”


    - Keith and Lisa B.
  • It sure is great to be able to feel good about the market and stocks going down!

    - Lewis C
  • I will take a moment to share some good news from a beginner.  With my play today on MON I hit a personal milestone of doubling my money since getting in back on Feb. 10.  I became a TopGun in January but didn't complete options training until Feb.  Anyway, I started with $10,000 in my account and as of today have $20,572.00.  I have done 32 plays since Feb. 10 and have only taken an expense of $48.00  I made $765 in Feb., $312 in March, $4545 in April and so far in May $4950 for a total profit of $10,572.00

    I have an average ROI of 29% and annualized it's 2395%.  I am learning more every trade.  These have all been call options except for one stock play.  Please tell David and others that I appreciate all the skills and knowledge that are shared. 

    I hope to get my courage up and do a spread here shortly.  Anyway, thanks for all the support and I'm sure I'll see you at another seminar in Dallas soon.

    - Craig W.
  • Thank you and David Mitchell and all your fellow staff for putting on such a wonderful event.  For my wife and I this is a tremendous blessing and an answer to prayer.  I could not believe that anyone would put on such a program for people like us with no stock trading background and followup with such tremendous support.  This is nothing short of life changing.  When we came to our first Seminar One, I literally could not sleep for two consecutive nights because I immediately knew what success in this could mean for our family. 
    Thanks again and many blessings to you.


    - Karl S.
  • My goal has been to make $4,000 - $6,000 a month and for 5 months now it has worked.

    - Linda H.
  • I have never felt more confident about my financial future as I do now that I am part of the NeUventure family!!

    - Randy and Kristie R.
  • I am excited!  Today, 1 week after I took your beginner's seminar, I sold my stock and made $1,123 profit on $10,115 I invested a week ago!  I couldn't believe it!  Thank you!  Thank you!

    - Christina D.
  • Using the Skills I learned from David and Chris in Seminars 1, 2 and 3 I have been able to make $10,220 in about 7 weeks.  During 3 weeks in the middle I was not in a play at all.  6 out of 7 plays went in my favor.  3 spreads and 4 call option plays.  I did have an expense but my net is still over 10,000 in about 4 weeks of plays .  Even in this Squirrel market I was able to make this just when David said Go, I DID, I got my Stocks from the Webinars or the Watchlist.  And with some Guru Coaching I was able to make these plays.  I am able to be a full time stock trader and Grandmother now.  I love this.  Its more than I ever believed was possible for a nurse to be able to do.  I limited myself before, but not now.  The sky is the limit!!!!

    - Marsha J.
  • Thank you!  I was stopped out at $5.05 in DRYS yesterday. Took home a nice little profit of $3.996!! I'm so excited at what the future will bring for me and my family now that I've been empowered with this knowledge! Can't wait to get to Seminar II and beyond....

    - Joe C.
  • Just three short months ago, we started a business in hopes of creating a legacy for our children and grandchildren.  It is very important to us to be financially capable of taking care of ourselves without placing any financial burden on our children or be dependent on the government.  It is a troublesome thought to us that our generation has to worry about outliving our money.  Retirement plans, savings, and investments have been devastatingly altered over the last couple of years.  Furthermore, our children will be the first generation in this country who will more than likely not have a better standard of living than their parents had.  This is unacceptable to us.  We believe this business is one that our grown children can learn quickly and can bring generous profits in a short amount of time.  It's a business they can teach to their children, and so on. 

    God has richly blessed us in many ways, and being able to give back to the community, church and missionary endeavors world-wide is also a long-standing goal of ours. For all these reasons, we took a leap of faith and are so very glad we did.  It has been an exciting ride as we learned how to apply the principles being taught us.  We can't say enough about the level of training and support we received from David and his NVOWS' team. 

    Here's an example of what a relatively inexperienced-just-learning-the-ropes couple like us can do.  Last week we made $500.00 on one trade.  Yesterday, we made $1,400.00, and today we made almost $200.00 just by following the rules David teaches us.  Our investment was miniscule compared to what it takes to start up a business today, our expenses have been low, and we are already making profits.  Thank you, NVOWS!

    - Tom and Vicki W.
  • I just wanted to share the success that I've had so far with my trading.  I started on Jan 26 with $4,600.  I made a small amount in ENER and then bought 3 contracts of LULU for $4,020 which I sold 5 days later for a $900 profit.  Then I put that $4,900 into 10 contracts of PAY which I just sold today for $10,000!  I am truly amazed at how God has used this to bless our family.  I can't believe that I've made a profit of $6,000 in 18 days!

    - Cecily C.
  • I made great returns using your system:

    SNDA - 1308% AROI
    GMCR - 3150% AROI
    CNQR - 4076% AROI


    - Lee W.
  • I just wanted to give you some feedback from one of your students that started this back in February.

    I believe what happened in the market yesterday was an invaluable lesson. In a way, it proved to me even more that the system you are teaching works, and is quite exciting.  Following the rules that you have laid out has allowed me to realize that I can take greater risk in the market, because I have the knowledge to limit my expenses.  I've done a little bit of trading before I found your seminars, and today would have scared me away from the market had I not been in your training.  I expensed about $4,000 today when I decided to stop out, which most people would have considered a lot of money.  However, following the same rules, I made over $10,000 a little over a week ago on the previous down move.  Therefore, I'm still ahead of the game.  I was able to look at the expense today and shrug it off as a risk that was definitely worth taking, even though I've only started putting in larger amounts of money the last couple of months.  In fact, I was happy (almost giddy) because I knew exactly what to do and did not panic and stay in and try to "HOPE" the market into doing what I wanted it to do.  Also, I know that in a few days, it will bounce again, an I will be right back in the market playing puts and will most likely make back that expense amount and a lot more.

    You are also correct in that I'm starting to see how you trade and how you see what is happening in the market.  I've actually switched from getting your Market Alerts, and then doing my plays, to planning and executing my plays, and then using the Market Alerts to confirm my plays and what I saw in the market tone.  I consider those Market Alerts to be invaluable to learning, but also as a great confidence building tool.  I hope that other students are having the same experience that I'm having.

    I truly believe that the Lord led me to your seminars at exactly the right time in my life, and I look forward to seeing how the Lord will use me and this new found knowledge in the future.

    I just wanted to give you some perspective from one of your students. Thank you for creating these seminars and sharing your knowledge.  I know that I would not have gotten this education anywhere else.  What you are doing with these seminars is a great thing, especially since it is coming from the perspective of a Christian point of view, and not a world view.


    - Chad K.
  • With the weekly spreads, I have already been making between $800 - $1,000 per week.  As the account increased, the returns are more in the $1,400 - $1,800 range.  20k per month will replace current income, pay taxes at the 32% rate, buy health insurance, and cover maximum contributions to our SIMPLE IRA's.

    - David R.
  • I bought a put on CREE and in just a couple of days I made $290! Off my first option play! ...Before getting started with NeUventure, I had asked my financial adviser what it would take for me to become a millionaire. He told me I needed two things; time& money. Then he said, "Margena, you don't have either." Well David Mitchell has showed me a way to get both! All it takes is using your brain, having patience, and letting God lead. I appreciate David so much.

    - Margena W.
  • I am in my first spread play this week. I invested $13,000 and will profit $2,100. on BIDU (30 contracts).

    - Kevan P.
  • Hello Guys!

    So far I have completed my first two plays, both of which were completed with trailing stops.  The 1st was last week and over 5 days my AROI was 423%.  I just completed my 2nd trade over 2 days with an AROI of 751%.  Both of which were completed with trailing stops.  I am so blessed to have heard about you guys on my pc here at work and then to have been able to come to Seminar 1.  I still have much to learn but I feel myself catching on to this at a comfortable pace.  Thanks for all you guys do!

    - Randy F.
  • You have given me a knew outlook on life! I'm so glad I heard your radio advertisement and took your class back in March. I've been patiently waiting and watching. I bought into NVTL this passed Monday. I sold it this morning and made $385.00.

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge with the common folk!

    - Scott L.


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"It sure is great to be able to feel good about the market and stocks going down!"-Lewis C
"My goal has been to make $4,000 - $6,000 a month and for 5 months now it has worked."-Linda H.